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MASTER MAINFRAMES Software Pack ver 4.0 for only $100

* Product last updated on July 26, 2016  

Master the skills you need to write Mainframe applications - the way the experts do, with our 'Master Mainframes' Software Pack - the Flagship product of IBMMAINFRAMES.com, used by more than 12,500 IBM Mainframe Professionals all over the world.

We guarantee that this is the best Tutorial/Reference Material available in this field to improve your Mainframe programming skills and be kept up to date with the current trend in Mainframe Technologies.  Our Software Pack is the best learning tool for beginners, reference guide for employees and refresher for experts.

The Package includes:

    -- Executable Software product with 2000 Slides for Self-learning
Printable PDF Format with 2500 Pages for Desk Reference

The Software Pack:

    -- Worldwide E-Delivery through our fast & secure web server (downloadable file)
    -- Compatible with all Windows Operating System including Windows 10 - 64bit
    -- 24/7 After-sale Technical Support for installation

    -- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Note: You need Internet connection to download this software (less than 100MB). We will mail you a unique download link and serial key within 24 hours, once we received your payment. No CD/DVD or any printed books are shipped with this product.


Products Covered


Mainframe COBOL

-- IBM COBOL for OS390




-- JCL for OS390
-- z/OS JCL




-- CICS/TS for OS390
-- CICS TS for z/OS


DB2 for z/OS

-- DB2 for z/OS ver 8

-- DB2 for z/OS ver 9

-- DB2 for z/OS ver 10

-- DB2 for z/OS ver 11


Mainframe Tools

-- TSO & TSO/E
-- ISPF for z/OS

-- QMF
-- DB2I & A


Contents of the Software Pack

Intro to Mainframe Technologies (120 pages)
  Features of Mainframes
  Mainframe Specialty Engines
  Mainframe I/O Channels
  Mainframe Storage Technologies
  Mainframe I/O Devices
  Mainframe Operating Systems
  Mainframe Application Software
  Data Access Methods
  Telecommunication Access Methods
History of Mainframe Computers (110 pages)
  Analytical Engine to MARK I
  Early IBM Mainframes
  2nd Generation IBM Mainframes
  3rd Generation IBM Mainframes
MAINFRAME COBOL Programming (700 pages)

  COBOL Elements
  COBOL Structure
  COBOL Data types
  Identification Division Entries
  Data Division Clauses
  Environment Division Entries
  Procedure Division Statements
  COBOL Groups & Tables
  COBOL String handling
  COBOL Intrinsic Functions
  COBOL Program handling
  COBOL File handling
  COBOL Compiler Directives
  COBOL Compiler Options
  COBOL RunTime (LE) Options
  COBOL Compiler Requirements
  COBOL Compile, Link & Run JCLs
  COBOL Coding Guidelines
  COBOL Coding Standards
  Structured Program Design & Maintenance
  COBOL Reference Grammar
TSO/ISPF & Tools with Screenshots (450 pages)
  TSO/E Commands
  ISPF Menu Options with Screenshots
  ISPF Edit & Line Commands
  FILEAID with Screenshots
  ENDEVOR with Screenshots
  XPEDITER with Screenshots
  INSYNC Screenshots
  QMF Screenshots
  DB2I Screenshots
  DB2Admin Screenshots
  DFSORT Screenshots
  RACF Screenshots
Mainframe JCL (210 pages)

  JCL Statements
  JOB Statement Parameters
  EXEC Statement Parameters
  DD Statement Parameters
  Special JCL Statements
  Special DD Name Statements
  JCL Conditional Statements
  JCL Procedures
  Generation Data Groups
  DFSMS Utilities
  JES Statements
  JCL Reference Grammar
  Mainframe Disk Capacity Table
CICS (300 pages)

  Components of CICS
  CICS Modules & Tables
  CICS Services & Features
  CICS Programming in COBOL
  CICS Mapping Support
  CICS Commands for BMS
  CICS Commands for Terminal Control
  CICS Commands for Interval Control
  CICS Commands for Error Handling
  CICS Commands for Program Control
  CICS Commands for File Control
  CICS Commands for Storage Control
  CICS TSQ & TDQ Facilities
  CICS Checkpoint & Restart Facilities
  IBM Supplied CICS Transactions
  CICS Database Communications
  CICS Performance Tuning
DB2 for z/OS (460 pages)

  Databases & DBMS
  Relational Database Concepts
  DB2 System & Data Objects
  DB2 SQL Elements
  SQL DDL Statements
  SQL DML Statements
  SQL DCL Statements
  DB2 Programming in COBOL
  DB2 Program Preparation thru JCL
  DB2 Security & Privileges
  DB2 Locking Facilities
  DB2 Utilities
  DB2 System Tuning
  SQL Performance Tuning

System Requirements



PC or Laptop


Any Microsoft Windows OS (98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10)

Hard Disk Space

200 MB




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Note: The original version doesn't have any Watermarks 


Some of our Business Edition Clients

TCS Allianz Cornhill information Services
HSBC Tech Affinity Global
Infosys Oracle India
HP Enterprise Services & Globalsoft RBS India Development Centre
Perot Systems Inat Technologies
Software Paradigms Pvt Ltd TEJAS Networks Ltd
Dextrys Escube Technologies
Syntel Prokarma Softech Pvt Ltd
Polaris Software Labs Fiserv India Pvt Ltd
CGI Zensar Technologies
Prudential Australian Government Department of Education

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Personal License:


PRICE: US $100 (Version 4.0 Only)



Professional License:


PRICE: US $200 (Free upgrade to all our future versions)



Business License:


PRICE: US $500 (Multi-User Business License with Free Upgrade)




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